Walden Woods CSA
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Single family homes, townhomes, & condos
located in North Fayette, PA.
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Contact the Walden Woods office.
Walden Woods CSA
7900 Steubenville Pike - Suite 20
Imperial, PA  15126

Office hours
Monday - Friday
6:00PM - 9:00PM
7:00AM -12:00PM

Phone: 724-695-8100
email: WWCSA@outlook.com

Monthly Board Meeting:
3rd Wednesday of the month - 7:00PM
Walden Woods is a Planned Unit Development (PUD). According to PA Real Estate Law, PA PUC Act, Title 68 – Real and Personal Property, Section 5407 Resale of Units, a Resale Package is to be ordered from the Homeowners Association and provided to the potential new homeowner. 

If you are selling your home without the assistance of a Real Estate Agent, the seller of the property must obtain a Resale Package and provide it to the new information to the new owner to be.

Please contact the office to obtain the Package.
Grass clippings and other items may not be dumped on Common Areas owned by the CSA. Persons caught illegally dumping may be assessed fines and charged for cleanup. 
Signs are not permitted at the entrance to Walden Woods from Steubenville Pike or on any CSA Common Property. Any signs placed there will be immediately removed. 
   Reminder for winter snow removal per North Fayette Township
Do not push snow out onto roads at any time. This creates hazardous driving conditions for all vehicles. Homeowners can be held responsible for accidents which result after snow has been shoveled onto Township maintained roads.