Walden Woods CSA
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President - JoAnn Truchan
Vice President - Michael Pouch
Secretary - Jeanne Matucheski
Treasurer - Jen Burns
Office Manager - Cheryl Fink
  Erin Carlisle
  Patrick Kwiatowski, Sr.
  Jeannie Matucheski
  Mike Pouch
  Dawn Powell
  Dwayne Romono
  Chris Zizak

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Walden Woods CSA

7900 Steubenville Pike - Suite 20
Imperial, PA  15126

Office hours:

Monday - Friday
6:00PM - 9:00PM

7:00AM -12:00PM

Phone: 724-695-8100
Walden Woods is a Planned Unit Development (PUD). According to PA Real Estate Law, PA PUC Act, Title 68 – Real and Personal Property, Section 5407 Resale of Units, a Resale Package is to be ordered from the Homeowners Association and provided to the potential new homeowner. 

If you are selling your home without the assistance of a Real Estate Agent, the seller of the property must obtain a Resale Package and provide it to the new information to the new owner to be.

Please contact the office to obtain the Package.