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Single family homes, townhomes, & condos
located in North Fayette, PA.
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Cheryl Fink - Office Manager
phone: 724-695-8100

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Important Information
Snow & Ice Removal Reminder
from North Fayette Township!

Snow and ice must be cleared within 24 hours. When clearing snow from your property, do not shovel it into the street. It not only poses a safety risk, but homeowners may be held liable for injuries.
Frequently Used Forms

--- 2019 CSA Dues Information ---

At our recent budget meeting, the Board of Directors decided to keep the 2019 dues the same as 2018. In an effort to reduce costs, beginning in 2019 Walden Woods CSA will offer residents a quarterly payment program. For those who prefer to continue monthly payments, there will be a $1 processing fee per month in addition to the monthly dues. 

            Single Family Homes and Condos:
            Quarterly payments will be $60.00 ($20.00 per month x 3 months = $60.00).
            Monthly payments will be $20.00 plus a $1.00 processing fee.

            Quarterly payments will be $123.00 ($41.00 per month x 3 months = $123.00)
            Monthly payments will be $41.00 plus a $1.00 processing fee.

Quarterly payment due dates for 2019 are January 14, April 14, July 14 and October 14. (For those paying monthly, the due date remains the 14th of each month.) Payments received after the due date will be assessed a $2.00 late fee per month. 

Additionally, payment coupons are not necessary for payment, and will no longer be mailed. If you prefer to use payment coupons, you may download them from our website, www.wwcsa.com. Individuals without internet access may pick up a copy at the CSA office during normal CSA business hours (Monday-Friday 6-9PM, Saturdays 7AM-noon). Download the payment coupons here:
                                2019 Single Family Home and Condo Coupons           2019 Townhome Coupons

                                            Dues may be paid by check or electric funds transfer (EFT) using bill pay through your bank. If you elect to set up                                             electronic payments through your bank, you will need the following information:
                                                     CSA phone number – 724-695-8100
                                                     CSA address – Walden Woods CSA
                                                                              7900 Steubenville Pike, Suite 20
                                                                              Imperial, PA 15126
                                                     Your account number - Your account number is your 2-letter street code
                                                                                           with a 5-digit house number 
                                                                                           (example: 999 Walden Way would be WW00999).

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping us keep our costs down to better serve our community.
If you live in Allegheny County and have an old refrigerator that you would like to get rid of, the Allegheny County Health Department will haul it away at no cost. A new program sponsored by the health department wants to keep harmful gases in the refrigerants from leaking into the environment. Officials hope the program will cut down on illegal dumping.

Allegheny County Health Department officials said
 the goal of the program is to keep gases in the
 coolant from leaking out and depleting the ozone 
layer, which blocks the sun's ultraviolet rays and 
ultimately increases the risk of skin cancer.

If you have a refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner or dehumidifier that you need to get rid of, you can call and arrange for curbside pickup.

For more information you can call the appliance warehouse at 1-888-GO-FREON. Or if you live in the Western suburbs, call Parkway Heating and Air Conditioning at 412-279-6001.

The recycling program is only available to Allegheny County residents.
Walden Woods is seeking a group of residents to coordinate and carry out plans for our Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Responsibilities include collecting donations, filling eggs, scattering eggs, and executing the event through closure.

Interested individuals should contact the office at 724-695-8100, by email at waldenwd1@comcast.net, or on the website: http://wwcsa.com. 

Without cooperation from the community we will be unable to hold the event this year.
Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.