Walden Woods CSA
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Single family homes, townhomes, & condos
located in North Fayette, PA.
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Office hours:
     Monday - Friday    6:00PM - 9:00PM  
Saturday              7:00AM -12:00PM
Cheryl Fink - Office Manager
phone: 724-695-8100
email: WWCSA@outlook.com

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Important Information
Frequently Used Forms
​A message from North Fayette Township

It is very important for all homes to have minimum 4-Inch address numbers that contrast with the background at the home or mailbox or both so that emergency responders can locate your residence quickly in the case of an emergency. For more information, please contact North Fayette Township.
Trash & Recycling
There will be no pickup on the following
holidays, and pickup will be one day
later for the remainder of those weeks.

New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas

          News and Events
Trash and recycling pickup is provided by North Fayette Township. Walden Woods CSA has no control over the company currently providing these services. Comments should be directed to the North Fayette Township office.
----- NOTICE -----

The Environmental Protection Board (“EPB”) is now visually inspecting properties to ensure they meet the standards set forth in the Walden Woods Declarations, By-Laws and Policy Resolutions. 

Initial violations will notified by letter or email and must be addressed within 15 days. Failure to address the violation(s) will result in the placement of a doorknob card at the property and must be addressed immediately. Property owners who continue to ignore EPB violations will receive a Final Notice via Certified Letter, and may be assessed fees and fines on a “per day and per occurrence” basis for as long as the violation persists. Additionally, a lien may be placed against the property, and may be reported to the North Fayette Township Code Enforcement Officer.

Remember, EPB Request for Review Forms are required for certain exterior projects, including roof/siding replacement, painting, tree removal, etc. EPB Request for Review Forms DO NOT take the place of Building Permits.

All CSA forms are available by clicking the "Downloadable Forms" link at the top of this page.
Our email has changed. Effective immediately the CSA email address is WWCSA@outlook.com.