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If you live in Allegheny County and have an old refrigerator that you would like to get rid of, the Allegheny County Health Department will haul it away at no cost. A new program sponsored by the health department wants to keep harmful gases in the refrigerants from leaking into the environment. Officials hope the program will cut down on illegal dumping.

Allegheny County Health Department officials said
 the goal of the program is to keep gases in the
 coolant from leaking out and depleting the ozone 
layer, which blocks the sun's ultraviolet rays and 
ultimately increases the risk of skin cancer.

If you have a refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner or dehumidifier that you need to get rid of, you can call and arrange for curbside pickup.

For more information you can call the appliance warehouse at 1-888-GO-FREON. Or if you live in the Western suburbs, call Parkway Heating and Air Conditioning at 412-279-6001.

The recycling program is only available to Allegheny County residents.

There have been several reports of rodents being spotted in our neighborhood. The Allegheny County Health Department website offers information that can help. Click HERE to access the ACHD website.

For a downloadable pamphlet, click HERE.
In an effort to improve the overall appearance of our community and maintain the property values of our homes, the Walden Woods Homeowners Association is requesting everyone evaluate the appearance of their property this spring. Article VI, Section 2 of our bylaws states “the Owner of each Lot shall be responsible for the care, maintenance and repair of his Lot, the premises and all improvements situate thereon.” Recently, a few items of concern have been brought to the attention of the board which should be addressed. They include the following:

There are currently many homes with noticeable mold, algae or other discoloration on the siding. This can easily be removed by power washing, or with products available at local home improvement stores. All buildings need to have this discoloration removed by September 1, 2019 or violation notices will be issued.

Additionally, there are numerous properties with trees or shrubs blocking light emanating from streetlights in our community. These lights help provide safety to motorists, pedestrians and our neighborhood. If there is a tree on your lawn blocking a street light, please trim the branches as soon as weather permits. Inspections will occur this summer, and violation notices will be issued to any properties not in compliance.

Finally, there are a few homes where the grass in the front lawn has been damaged or destroyed from tire tracks. Spring is a great time to repair those unsightly areas with a little grass seed. Again, for the beauty of our community, violations will be issued this summer for those not in compliance.

Thank you in advance to everyone for your cooperation. The goal of the Homeowners Association is to keep Walden Woods looking neat and well maintained, which will help maintain the property values of all of our homes.  

Spring Newsletter
To view the new Spring Newsletter from the President, click here.
The Peoples Natural Gas Company has hired Keystone Surveying and Mapping, Inc. to survey and map two large parcels of property within Walden Woods.

Keystone Surveying and Mapping Inc survey crews drive 
white pick up trucks with the company logo on the side 
door for identification.

Within the mapped out areas, Peoples Gas will be 
replacing the gas lines which were originally installed in 
1944 and are in need of updating. 

The right of way is 50’ wide with 25’ on either side of the pipe. The Gas company will mark the areas and they have notified the Township and office and as well as neighbors in the vicinity where the pipe line crosses or comes close to private property just as a courtesy. 

The project at this time does not have a start date, it could be soon or up to 1-2 years before it is started and or completed. Some of the mapping has already begun. The Surveying Company along with the Gas Company ask that you do not remove the markings that are already in place. Doing so could cause construction issues and the need to remap the area both of which can add to the over all cost of the project as well as the safety of the workers and residents.
Rodent Control
​A message from North Fayette Township

It is very important for all homes to have minimum 4-Inch address numbers that contrast with the background at the home or mailbox or both so that emergency responders can locate your residence quickly in the case of an emergency. For more information, please contact North Fayette Township.